Ads on Buses

Bus Billboards provide an effective and affordable solution for your advertising needs. Our posters are mounted at eye level for maximum visibility by traffic and the pedestrians.


How you benefit with Ads on Buses:

  • High visibility to the audience at an easy-to-read eye level giving Tremendous Exposure.
  • It is an Involuntary Medium, i.e. – it cannot be turned off, turned out or thrown away.
  • They reach all income levels from the CEO to the assistant’s assistant providing Total Market Penetration.
  • Buses travel through most geographic areas that include commercial, industrial, large, small shopping malls, entertainment centres etc., as well as urban and high income suburban areas raising an Unbeatable reach and Frequency.
  • It’s so visible, so you cannot miss bus advertising.
  • In order to target your audience, bus advertising is available by selecting specific routes.


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